Welcome to the official website of my family!


I’m glad you came here. I’ll show you my musical family. You will find out how I grew up in my beloved mother’s tummy, and you will also be able to download interesting educational materials. Now go ahead and look around the page. I recommend you especially the tab „PLAY VIDEO”…



This is my best family!

First, let me introduce you to my family. Look to the left, that’s my lovely mommy Monika. She likes to play the violin very much. I also like it when my mother plays the violin. 

Further to the right is dad Albert. He is very talented musically. I like it the most when he plays classical pieces on the piano! 

Below you can see my siblings, Tosia and Adam. They love me very much. They say that when I am born, they will teach me how to play not only instruments but also football and board games. 

You can see them in the first animation